Status of Water Service

We will update this page as we have additional information on the status of water service for San Leon.

February 22

9:00 AM We have received confirmation that our lab sampling was good; as a result, we have lifted the boil water notice and returned to regular operations.

7:30 AM While pressures have returned to regular operating levels and we're no longer dealing with a supply concern, we're still awaiting results from our lab sampling to officially lift the boil water notice. Once we have received the results, we'll be posting to our website and social media outlets, as well as sending out a message through our Blackboard Emergency Message System. We appreciate your patience as we've worked to restore service to the community; if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Have a blessed day, and stay safe!

February 19

7:00 PM As we head into the weekend, the system pressure has increased and is holding at nearly 55 PSI, which means the community should finally be experiencing a steady supply of water. While the water you receive is being properly treated, prior to lifting the boil water notice we will need to conduct several lab tests in order to confirm no additional contaminants were introduced into the system during the periods of low pressure. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to conduct the required tests in-house and our contracted lab will not be able to pick up samples until Sunday. The tests we are able to do show sufficient disinfection throughout the system, so we're confident that when the lab results come back we'll be able to submit documentation to the TCEQ that will allow us to lift the boil water notice. Until that time, continue to boil water intended for consumption and check our website for additional updates:

If you are experiencing any service issues, please contact us via our after hours emergency number (281) 779-4043 or direct message on social media and we'll do our best to help.

7:30 AM Field staff reported for district-wide survey to assess and repair or isolate leaks in the system. Facility equipment held through the night and system pressure has increased to 42.2 PSI. We will continue to monitor the system as we isolate leaks on customer lines and repair leaks on the District's distribution lines with the hope to return to regular system pressure (~ 60 PSI) later today and begin the sampling process to enable lifting the boil water notice.

February 18

5:00 PM While Centerpoint has been restoring power to the area and Frontier has been working to bring our office phone lines back (which was accomplished this afternoon), our staff has been working tirelessly to get back to regular operations. We've reached the formal end of the day, but our staff remains on call to respond to leaks and damaged lines as we continue to bring the system online. As of 5 PM, our system pressure has grown to 31 PSI and our facilities are keeping up with the demand. This is a crucial step towards confirming the water system can return to normal and we can remove the boil water notice. We will be doing additional assessments tomorrow to determine when we can stop boiling our water, but until we notify you please boil any water intended for consumption; check our website for additional insight on how the boil water notice impacts water use. As we have another potential for freezing tonight, please keep an eye on your pipes to ensure no additional breaks occur and impact our system, potentially triggering another shut down. Please report any broken lines, either your own or any leaks you witness, to our office so we can respond and isolate customer lines or conduct repairs on distribution lines. Thank you for the many supporting messages we've received over the past few days; we're all in this together, and we'll make it through as a community. Stay warm, and stay safe.

3:40 PM We've received a lot on inquiries about how exactly a boil water notice impacts daily activities. This website from our state regulatory agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, does a great job explaining how to handle the boil water notice, which will be in effect until we announce a return to normal operations.

9:00 AM Facility equipment held through the night, continuing to slowly increase system pressure. System pressure is currently at 13.1 PSI. We're receiving increased reports of individuals receiving water service, albeit at a significantly decreased pressure (our system typically had pressure closer to 50-65 PSI). As we continue to isolate and repair leaks, the pressure will increase and stabilize. As a reminder: the boil water notice is still in effect until the District issues a notice lifting it. Also, the extreme winter weather is expected to continue and may result in an additional hard freeze tonight, so please inspect your property for exposed pipes and make the necessary preparations to prevent additional damaged lines, which might result in another shutdown.

7:30 AM Field staff reported for district-wide survey to assess and repair or isolate leaks in the system.

February 17

6:10 PM At approximately 3 PM today, the District began the process of restoring water service to San Leon after several significant leaks had been identified and repaired. As the system continues to come back online, please check your property for leaks and notify the District, either via direct message on social media or contacting our emergency phone at (281) 779-4043 so we can take appropriate action and prevent the system from becoming overwhelmed again, potentially triggering another shutdown.

3:10 PM While the demand is still higher than normal, we believe the system is stabilized for the time being. We continue to monitor the situation and search for breaks that need to be repaired or isolated to continue restoring service to the community.

2:10 PM The District is bringing our water facilities online to test the system and see if we're capable of maintaining sustained pressure.

12:30 PM  Coordinated with Galveston County OEM to send out emergency phone notifications regarding the Boil Water Notice.

8:00 AM  Boil water notice sent through Blackboard Connect emergency messaging system.

7:30 AM  Field staff reported for district-wide survey to assess and repair or isolate leaks in the system.